The Replica Cartier Tank Francaise watch

1847 : Louis-François Cartier  took over the jewellery workshop of his apprenticeship master Adolphe Picard at 29,  Rue Montorgueil in Paris. 1856 : Princess Mathilde, niece of Napoleon I and cousin to Emperor Napoleon III, made her first purchase from Cartier. 1859 : Cartier moved to 9, Boulevard des Italiens. In 1874 Louis-Francois’s son Alfred took the reigns and helped to expand the venerable jeweler, adding watches to the distinguished catalog of finery. In 1899, the third generation Cartier, Louis, joined the enterprise.
The Replica Cartier Tank Francaise watch, introduced in 1917 during the First World War, was Cartier’s most famous collection. Louis Cartier was inspired by the tough new war-machine, that was introduced to the fighting in Europe, and designed a rugged yet beautiful watch that became a classic.  The  Replica Cartier Tank watch is manufactured in stainless steel, all types of gold or combined, and is available in three sizes: Replica Cartier lady watches, with a 25mm x 20mm case; Though the Cartier Tank watch is a classic formal watch, it is very reliable, and is also water-resistant.
One of the oldest jewelers in the world, catering to the whims of royalty and movie stars alike, Cartier enjoys a reputation for selling only the finest quality jewelry, watches, and accessories. Nowhere is this philosophy more in evidence than Cartier’s highly diverse line of wristwatches, many of which are the most recognizable designs on the planet.