How To Care about Gilded Rolex replica watches?

Gold layer on gold-plated watch mostly 18K gold replica watch, this gold in addition to containing 58.5% pure gold, but also contain a certain amount of silver. After the silver and the air some volatile industrial emissions react on the surface will produce a layer of black silver sulfide film, making gold plated watch lost luster. Therefore, wearing gold-plated watch is to avoid contact with chemicals and waste, such as gas, liquefied petroleum gas and sulfur soap, etc., and to keep the gold-plated watch dry and clean. Wipe with a cloth once a week is best. In addition, the sweat chloride of gold-plated watches are very corrosive, gold watches should promptly wipe clean stained with sweat, sweat to avoid erosion of the watch lose their luster.

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Huang Huang-plated watch plating layer is a layer of metal film made of copper, zinc, aluminum alloy, and if poor maintenance is easy to fade and dull. Before wearing the yellow-plated watch case should be wiped clean with a clean soft cloth and evenly coated with a layer of colorless nail polish, dry and then wear after 1 to 2 months once every Tu. After such processing, not only can keep watch plated yellow color, it is not worn, but also can increase its outer brightness, while in the hot summer but also to prevent the intrusion of moisture and sweat table.